Here’s What You May Have Missed This Week

Life moves pretty fast, as Ferris Bueller says. Here’s a selection of our favorite stories from the site this week.


Our latest contest wants to know what your best one-pot meal is. P.S. There’s a prize!
Amanda taught us to fashion a bike rack with just one little hardware-store buy.
We made matcha ice pops and pretended summer would last forever.
Leslie walked us through the best way to defrost any frozen fish.
And we learned more about Sarah, our Contributors Editor (and SCOBY queen).



We launched some beautiful canvas bags in partnership with cookbook author Heidi Swanson and San Francisco artisan àplat.
We also launched an advice column! 
Joanne Chang guided us through our baking-with-less-sugar challenges.
And we did a little fall trend forecasting. (Cast your votes!)



Kristen told us about a Genius way to handle peppers (that won’t make our fingers—or eyes—fiery and sore).
Our editors put out a call for Portland, Oregon, recommendations! Kenzi and Leslie are eating their way through the city for Feast Portland.
We debated whether pricey chocolate chips are worth it, and whether microwaves deserve the counter space.
And finally figured out what to put up on the big, blank walls of our homes.
Plus: Sara Forte joined us for lunch! Here’s how we pulled it off.



Gena Hamshaw taught us everything we need to know to stock a vegan pantry.
And we learned about what a South Bronx program is doing to instill a love of good food in the neighborhood’s kids.
Fiveandspice taught us the magic cocktail ratio (just in time for the weekend).
We stepped into Emma Aubry Roberts’ shoes and pretended we were professional bakers.
And excitedly read Leslie’s and Kenzi’s first dispatches from Portland. (Sandwiches! Secret sauces!)



Sarah took us behind the scenes of the Baking book. There may have been a few early-morning disasters.
We mused on the kitchen sounds we like best.
And learned about a new cookbook—the proceeds of which go to increasing food aid for Syrian refugees.
Kenzi shared some straight-from-Portland wisdom about how to pair donuts with coffee.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday photos by James Ransom; Friday photo by Alpha Smoot