The Night Market at Feast Portland

Last night Managing Editor Kenzi Snapchatted live from the Night Market at Feast Portland—lots of food was eaten and new friends were made.

Last night was the second night of Feast, which kicked off with the Night Market, a mini-food festival in its own right with 21 chefs, 8 wineries, 6 breweries, and 9 distilleries. Needless to say, we had a great—and full—time. If you missed our live Snapchatting of the event last night, no worries—we’ve posted it here, along with some highlights:

Favorite dish(es): Cauliflower from Bollywood Theater and the Rice Krispie Treat from Fat Rice

Best DJ: Anjali and the Incredible Kid

Best place to sit: In the rocking chairs behind the Stumptown booth

Number of people we tried to get to do the wave with us: 50

Number of people who actually did the wave: 2 (including Kenzi)

How’d we do? Do you have any recommendations for our last day in Portland? Tell us in the comments below!

Top photo by Penny De Los Santos