Where Should Our Editors Go in Portland?

We’ve been telling you our favorite spots, but now it’s your turn to play tour guide. Where should Leslie and Kenzi go during her their long weekend in Portland?

Our Assistant Editor Leslie and Managing Editor Kenzi are leaving for Portland for the four-day food festival, Feast Portland (stay tuned for live updates on the site and via Snapchat). They’ll be spending most of their days at the festival (tips for pacing yourself while eating copious amounts of food also welcome), but during their free time, where should they go eat, shop, sit, and drink? Here are things of particular interest:

Best doughnut shops (Yes, we’re going to Voodoo. But are there other lesser-known spots they can’t miss?)
Craft beer
Spots to grab a cocktail
Coffee shops that aren’t Starbucks 
Design shops
Parks and places to go for a hike (to take full advantage of being out of Manhattan)

They’ll try to go to as many of your suggestions as possible, so look out for a round up of their favorite spots next week.

Photo courtest of Kevin Rechts via Flickr