The Case for a Semi-Homemade Lunch 

Sandra Lee gave semi-homemade a bad rap. We take it back. 


Every Monday I think about all of the pots of grains and rice and beans I should have made, like a good little cook, the Sunday before. Sometimes—no matter how good our intentions—our inner Tamar Adler refuses to show her face. 

And so: Do as I do, and as our director of PR and events, Haley, does, and pick up the rice already cooked. 

She turned her already-cooked rice into an impromptu stir-fry with leftover vegetables and shrimp yesterday, and I routinely pile avocado and cucumbers atop mine, then drizzle on soy, sesame oil, and Sriracha. We do not think of Sandra Lee as we assemble our semi-homemade lunches; we think only of happiness and rainbows and a productive day ahead. 

Photo by James Ransom