Happy On-Sale Day to Vegan and Baking!

The wait is over: The two next books in our cookbook series are born!

Not by choice, we’ve had to keep Baking and Vegan under wraps until its publication date came around—like when you hide the kids’ holiday presents in sneaky spots until the exciting day arrives. And finally, finally, the day is here: Vegan and Baking hit bookshelves today, and we can’t wait to see what you do with them.

As you get cooking and baking, take a photo or two. We’d like to share what you’re doing with the books as they arrive. Because one recipe can produce so many different results—and then there are the riffs and new recipes it can inspire—we’d like to see what you create with the books as soon as they arrive. That’s part of the fun—the books are just the start, really. Tag your photos with #F52bookclub, and we’ll work on gathering them to share.

One of the best parts about these books is that they’re created by our community—Baking by a whole host of community members and Vegan by our longtime columnist Gena Hamshaw. While you wait for your copy to arrive, learn more about them. Their recipes make Monday nights (and every night, really) better—some with plants, others with butter.

Meet our many Baking contributors—and Gena Hamshaw, author of Vegan, who admits that she used to write about sweet potatoes and avocado a lot.

But wait: There’s more! Learn more about what went into these books with some behind the scenes tidbits:

The Covers We Rejected Along the Way



More on Vegan: 



Not Vegan? Neither are most of the Food52 editors, and we still cook from this book. Here are 5 reasons why non-vegans will like this cookbook.
Gena talks to us in our podcast about being vegan in a non-vegan world.
We asked James Ransom, the book’s photographer, to pick his favorite children—we mean photographs—from the book.
Remember those non-vegans we mentioned? They started liking cashew cheese, thanks to this recipe that’s in the book.


More on Baking: 


A brownie so good, it’s cover-worthy.
Why non-bakers will even get a copy of Baking batter-splattered.
James picked his favorite photographs from Baking, too (and tried every recipe in the book).
We asked you what your back-pocket recipes are in a #f52contest, and you didn’t disappoint.

With your books are in hand, we wish you very happy cooking with plants and flour and butter (but maybe not all together).

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